Why Your Video Content Needs A Re-purpose Strategy

One of the biggest practices I have learned over the past 3 years with entrepreneurship, is the way you brand and present yourself.

If it wasn’t for you, your message and amazing personality, you would not stand out as someone that has a unique flare.

Unfortunately, the truth behind standing out from the crowd is being able to show something different that catches your audiences eye.

And when it comes to creating content around your message, I can confidently say that there are multiple steps that you might not be taking.

If you plan to create video content for YouTube, it’s important to think about how you can leverage it’s distribution.

What I mean by this, is where else is your video going?

Let’s say this YouTube video is 10 minutes in length, speaking about a topic that is very specific and in depth.

There is going to be moments during that video when you can locate a 1-3 minute segment, that can be shortened and uploaded onto another platform, such as Facebook or Instagram.

When you have a system like this that is actively being used with your content, you not only increase your reach with your video, but you also create an environment for a message to be spoken to your viewers in all shapes and forms.

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many people making is copy and pasting the same exact video/content across different social media platforms, hoping they get results.

Instead, they don’t see as much traction and end up getting frustrated with the failure of their content distribution.

And the cold hard truth, is that each platform is designed to be used differently, content wise, for it’s users.

Example: You cannot upload your 10 minute YouTube video to Instagram because posts are only allowed a 1 minute duration (Unless you use IGTV which has a 10 minute cap).

The trick is to start understanding how you create your content.

Which means you focus on thinking about how you can use it across all these different social media platforms.

With this in mind, you can storyboard and map out the way you will speak, pause and allow for space to create future content for a different platform.

When done correctly, you push more reach with your message, attract the right viewers and have specific crafted call to actions, that can be used to leverage your followers.

In return, you can build a bigger following, generate new leads, and make more sales, no matter what industry you are in.

In the end, when you choose to invest your time in recording and uploading video content, it’s best to have a strategy that outlines why you are making any type of content.

It has to lead the viewer somewhere, especially if you want them to take action later on.

Without this, you are just creating content for the sake of making content.

And while this isn’t a bad idea and does count as ‘taking action’, the take away message is to start thinking about why you are making videos and how you can tie them it into a strategy with your business.

About the Author

Jamie solves problems for the busy online coach & small business. Jamie focuses on brand identity and content development for success with each client he works with. Jamie lives in Toronto, Canada where he enjoys getting out into nature and sharing moments with his most dedicated friends, clients, and family.